Easy powder in Chamonix

Check out the mini edit Espen made from my favorite place in Chamonix . Filmed the 28th of February (not 28.03.14 as he wrote – he`s been in Antarctica for 2 months) It`s just me riding easy pow and Espen following with GoPro Hero3+.


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3rd place Andorra Eldorado Freeride 2014 FWQ 4*


I  actually went to Andorra last weekend to compete in the Eldorado Freeride contest. Oh, and I visited Oslo a few days ahead. To be honest, it was a boost to be urban in Oslo for a little while. And it was also a boost to meet up with my boyfriend, Espen, who just came home from Antartica after two months.

I was Andorra last winter as well, and I really like this little country. Beautiful mountains, friendly people, close to Barcelona… and tax-free. I travelled with lovely Nat Segal from Australia and it went surprisingly smooth with the flights, rental car, hotel and the competition.

Aaand I came 3rd in the competition. We had a semifinal at Saturday and only 4 girls got to do the final at Sunday. I was luckily the 4th girl, after a bit cruising run. At the final day we all got a helicopter lift up to the start. The coolest thing. I`m satisfied with the first part of the run in the final, but I missed my line in the bottom. The truth is that I thought I was at a wrong place, but I wasn`t. Yeye, I learn every day! It was a cool exeperience to do this competition, because the venues are top notch. Steep, long and playful faces. I felt like a skimovie star dropping in at the top. It`s true.

After the competition we had a day in Barcelona before our flight back to Geneva. It was also a little boost. We rented bikes and rolled around in the city. Laughing, with wind in the hair.

Check out the YouTube edit I made from the competition and some pictures I took:

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Bigmountain Hochfügen FWQ 4 *

Ompa ompa! I just came back from Austria where I competed in the Bigmountain Hochfügen. I came 5th after a run with decent elements, but a bit too slow in the middle section. It was my first competition this year, and it was really fun to participate. The competition in Hochfügen is maybe the most well organized competition in the FWQ and the face is cool and challenging. Huge congrats to Lotten Rapp from Sweden who won the competition. Now I will stay in Chamonix the rest of the week and then I`m looking forward to go home to Oslo for a few days. After some chilling in Oslo I`ll go to Andorra for the next FWQ 4* competition. Check out a few pictures and the informal edit Anja Gardli and I made from Hochfügen this weekend:




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Back in Chamonix

Aiai! I will be spending this winter i Chamonix as well. Pia Nic Gundersen and I drove down with my old Subaru during Christmas and we are renting an apartment in town with Anne May Slinning and Laurent Gauthier until April. It`s weird to see how little snow there is in the mountains this year. But we were lucky the first days of 2014 and got some fresh snow to play with. Not like last year, but sure good enough. Right now it`s really warm, like almost 10 degrees in the valley. We are as usually hoping for more snow to come.

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Hello there happy feet!

Just received my new nice Krypton 2 kryzma boots (not boobs)  from Dalbello and yesterday I got some help from Klipskobua to make them fit perfect. They have long experience in shaping boots for picky alpine racers at a high international level. Per Erik Vognild from Oppdal and Fabien Mazuir from Chamonix are the magic bootmasters and Gjermund Kveno (physiotherapist) is the solemaster. If you want tight and precise boots, and still wear them the whole day including after ski, you should pay Klipskobua a visit. They are located at Bekkestua, close to Oslo, Norway. I ordered one size smaller boots this year. At first they felt way too small, but after a little bit of blocking and other modifications they fit smoothly. Check them out at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KlipskoBua

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Video from New Zealand Freeski Open is ready

I competed in the New Zealand Freeski Open in early September. It was a really cool contest and sure nice to meet a lot of friends so far from home. I won the qualification, but hit a rock and tumbled on my last cliff in the final. Stupid, but shit happens. It was a lot of fun anyway.

You can watch the GoPro video here or on YouTube:

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New Zealand with a long pitstop


the last month my boyfriend Espen and I travelled as far as we could from Norway and we got to New Zealand – the land of sheeps and wild nature.

On our way we figured out that we could make a long stopover in Singapore/Malaysia since we had to change plane anyway. So we snorkeled and ate seafood at Tioman Island for one week, and then we travelled even further down under. On New Zealand we went for skiing, fishing (didn´t actually see any fish), roadtrippin` and fooling around.

Here you can see a few pictures of the “let´s pretend we`re on honeymoon” trip.

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Video from Ekstremsportveko is out there

Hi there summerlovers!

Here is an edit from the freeride competition at Voss during the Extremesport week in late June this summer. As you can see there is never too little snow. Or?

Keep on rocking in a free world.

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My spring

Oh yeah, it`s summertime.

My spring went so fast. I got to do a lot of  interesting things. Like competing in Røldal Freeride Challenge and get a podium (3rd place), photoshooting in Zermatt, saying hi to friends in Oslo, joining High Camp at Turtagrø, visiting Stryn twice to go skiing and surfing and fooling around, visiting Bergen and Voss and start working, trail biking and hanging out with my friends at Oppdal. Puh. I love springtime.

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Looking back at the Chamonix winter

I looked through my iphone, and guess what, I found some pictures from the last winter in Chamonix. Gooood memories. I`m going back next winter. Oh yess, of course.

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